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 They are mainly raised for wool and meat production especially when crossed with the progeny of a mountain ewe.

For example, a purebred upland ewe such as a Welsh Mountain ewe, might be bred with a breeding sire Bluefaced Leicester ram. This is a Welsh Mule, one of many different types of half-bred ewes. The lamb produced when a half-bred ewe is crossed with a Suffolk ram (as well as with other terminal sire breeds such as TexelBeltex or Charollais) is considered ideal for meat production, since they have unusually good conformation.

The lamb has the easy-care benefits of a mountain ewe, as well as the excellent growth of the Suffolk ram. The Suffolk breed is also more resistant to elf fire, a disease brought on by eating, among others, the bog asphodel. Sunlight worsens the condition, but the black head and ears of the Suffolk limit sunlight down to the otherwise exposed skin. Suffolk sheep are also shown in youth and adult shows.

Organizations such as the FFA and 4-H allow middle school and high school students to learn responsibility by showing market lambs and breeding ewes. The sheep may be pure breed or commercial (cross-breed).

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